Simulation Strings


Game of Thrones Theme

Live cover of the famous Game of Thrones theme, with just 5 midi tracks and out-of-the-box sound.


Virtuoso Legato

Demonstrating the brand new Legato Engine of Simulation Strings v2.
In these 3 examples I am using a single preset to show how expressive and responsive Sim. Strings can be, just controlled by velocity. No Midi CC Dynamics was used on this video.


Dramatic Legato with Microtuning

This is an Arabesque style improvisation, showcasing a more expressive and imposing Legato/Vibrato with Microtuning.



The Clarinet Collection


Classical Clarinet Solo

This is a live performance with Classical Clarinet, aiming to show the real-time expression and dynamics without any phasing or doubling artifacts.


Bass Clarinet Jazz Solo

A Jazz solo live performance, showing the real-time capabilities of the Bass Clarinet, ranging from Growl/Multiphonics to Tonguings and Falls. This video underlines the ultra smooth and realistic sound-shaping & transitions between the different dynamics & techniques.


Ethnic Clarinet

First demo of our "T.C.C." Library, featuring the instrument "A Traditional Klarino". Having a really unique timbre, this instrument sounds really different from what everyone is used to know for a "typical clarinet tone", yet, for the fans of Ethnic, Folk and Oriental music this sounds pleasantly familiar.



Hybrid Strings


Electric Strings Improvisation

In this real-time example of Electric Strings we chose to introduce a little distortion, to simulate the pre-amps we use to hear in ethnic style live performances.


Ethnic Ballad

A highly expressive cover of two Ethnic Ballads, everything is performed live.
The purpose of this demo is to show how "Electric Strings" patch does a great job cutting through the mix.


Studio Strings Ethnic Solo

Another live performance, this time using the Studio Strings instrument in Solo Legato fashion. In this example you will hear a mix of two Traditional Ethnic songs, full of emotions and expressiveness. Pay attention to the realistic trills and the Microtonal color of the solo.


Swan Lake


Historia de un Amor

In this performance we used two instruments from Hybrid Strings (Studio Strings and Electric Strings), recorded live and mixed together with a piano.


Lord of the Rings Soundtrack theme

Hear a theme from the amazing Soundtrack of Lord of the Rings movie, composed by Howard Leslie Shore.
This demo was solely created using Hybrid Strings Library, without any external sound processing, apart from a limiter (to protect from clipping)
All the performances were recorded in real-time, without the use of any prerecorded phrases or loops.




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