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Neocymatics is developing Sample Libraries from the perspective of a live musician.

When we started the creative process of development we founded certain rules that should apply to all our present and future products. Let's take a deeper look at the profile of Neocymatics.

Extended Midi programming kills Creativity

First in our list is reaching the maximum playability that can be achieved during real-time playing. Being composers, we have used libraries that sounded great but in order to achieve a realistic outcome we should invest a lot of time on programming midi, combining different patches or blending the actual Virtual Instrument performances with ready loops, just to introduce some amount of realism to our compositions. But, all the steps involved in the above procedure certainly take away from the Creativity and the Inspiration of the musician. Ιnspiration is a versatile subject with many hidden aspects to investigate. Most of the times Inspiration comes in primitive form, at an accidental moment and self-evolves towards its final shape, depending on the intensity of several feelings. Big part of the emotional catalyst is reserved for the feeling of excitement. Can excitement be a part of the procedure described in the above lines? No, at least not at a satisfactory amount.

Stimulating the Receptor of Inspiration

The human brain continuously transmits and receives data. On that basis, excitement, triggered by external factors, stimulates certain receptors that act as a prism for both incoming and outgoing information. Inspiration is that outgoing information, filtered by our mood, then translated to notes and other musical parameters such as amplitude, tempo or tone. It is important to understand that Inspiration itself is seriously affected by the incoming stimulation, and a Virtual Instrument's sound can be the basic source/modulator of our Inspiration (that will be further enhanced by our present mood). Thus, to give you a real-life implementation of these matters, the same composer at the exact same moment would take a different composing direction while schetching with the sound of a Violin rather than with the sound of a Celesta. The conclusion of these findings is that the most effective way for a musician to create inspired compositions is through real-time experimentation with expressive Sounds that have the potential to set-off the Emotional interaction we analyzed before, and not through static programming of midi events that puts our "Emotional Processor" and Inspiration into hibernation.

Unlimited Development Time-line

The next important rule in our list is that we don't work with deadlines. Every development stage does not proceed until we accomplish our goals, without any release-date oriented compromises. This is of vital importance for our principles, as attention to detail plays a major role in the concept of Neocymatics.

The Role of Visual Art

On another topic, some people claim that the Graphic Interface of an Audio Software product is not of significant importance, as long as the Audio content is top-notch. While agreeing on the second part of this statement, we believe that Visual Quality must keep on the same pace, both in parts of functionality but also on inspiring Graphic Design. The Visual Environment of a Sample Library should fulfill its Artistic approach and inspire the user to create, in the same manner that a clean and nicely decorated Office Environment inspires the staff to work into, and facilitates work and thought.

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