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How can I order a Sample Library from Neocymatics?

Please, contact us directly by fill in the form and we will forward you all the necessary information.
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How do I extract .rar files?

Compressed .rar files can be extracted using WinRar (Windows) or UnRarX (Mac OSX).
Our .rar files are password-protected, please use the password provided by us when prompted.

Can I use Neocymatics' Sample Libraries with the free Kontakt Player 5?

Yes, you can, but only with demo limitations. Each Library will be fully functional for a limited time defined by Native Instruments. After that you must restart the Kontakt Player engine and reload the Library. To use our products without limitations you must own the full version of Kontakt 5.

Why should I choose Hybrid Strings over any other Strings Library?

Just listen to our demos while taking a look at the highlights list shown at Hybrid Strings main page. Then check the price that we offer this innovative Library. These steps should be enough to provide you with an answer but if you still have any doubts feel free to contact us with your questions.

This Sample Library is the first one I buy for Kontakt, how easy will be for me to use it?

You have nothing to worry about, every Sample Library from Neocymatics comes not only with a detailed manual/documentation but we also reveal several tips and techniques that will help you getting the most out of our Library. Furthermore, our customer support is always available to give answers and suggestions that will improve your user experience.

What is the return policy for Neocymatics' Sample Libraries?

The purchased Sample Libraries cannot be refunded as they are software products available as a download, so they cannot be returned. Please, be sure to listen carefully to our demos and ask any questions before purchasing.

Why the Library is not instantly available for download after purchase?

Each of our Libraries is specially compiled after the purchase for every customer individually, as provided for our Custom Security Scheme.

What custom security protection is featured in Neocymatics' Libraries?

Our Custom Security Protection involves extensive watermarking for both audio and visual content. Removing the watermarks is not possible as we use our custom encoding language, but even if we share our decoding algorithm, editing the watermarks would result in audio damage and zero functionality. Furthermore, each customer's ID, Name, Address and contact information are available at various random locations within the Library components, in both encoded and non-encoded form, which means that every copy of our Sample Libraries can be traced back to its original owner, in case of illegal sharing.