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Here is what professional composers and producers think about our Sample Libraries.

"Hybrid Strings has such a wonderful character to it and Neocymatics have done a great job at creating an instrument that is a little bit different from the rest.  The programming and layout of the instrument make it super easy to play and the sound is really something special"

Mick Gordon   Composer - Sound Designer - Audio Director

"I am really in love with this library.  Easy to use, rich sound, inspiring in so many music genres that  Neocymatics couldn't find a better name for this product"

Mathieu Laprise   Composer - Arranger - Orchestrator - Producer


"Hybrid Strings possesses the quality I most look for in a library - it's musical and expressive"

Theodore Shapiro   Composer

"Well, I am utterly blown away by what you have done with Hybrid Strings. You guys have filled the yawning gap in my collection of libraries with the most flexible and realistic solo violin I have ever heard. For years I have been waiting for a realistic solo violin that could cut the mustard for the most difficult of violin instrumentals and be used in melodic folk music. With Hybrid Strings, I can create soaring legato lines and with the cleverly scripted 'Tremolo' articulation write super fast and convincing spiccato passages.

The options within the interface are not complex and very intuitively laid out. I was very pleased to find the slider titled 'Bite' which adds a beautiful realistic growl to the strings and produces an earthy growl to my music. The ready to use reverb impulses are handy for those who don't already have their own preferred reverb plugin or outboard gear. Playing with the Preamp Boost slider can achieve some really powerful edgy sounds, especially with the 'Electric Strings' patch.

Also, the Hybrid Strings manual was very clear and after only a few minutes I was able to understand every single midi controller function and begin sculpting my passages with ease. While there are many string libraries on the market at the moment, most of the solo violins available really are only designed to work within a mix of other ensembles and needs to be blended in quite heavily. With the 'Studio Strings' patch within Hybrid Strings you can now place a solo violin passage front and centre and achieve a convincing performance. Well done guys and I look forward to your next release!"

Matthew Dorhauer   Composer - Producer


"The Neocymatics Hybrid Strings sound bring an unbelievably realistic flavor and feel to the ethnic music I work on, both live and in the studio"

Kosta Lois   Producer - Composer - Pianist


"I have been looking for two years for a solo violin library with two features: the “right” sound, and playability. Every solo violin sample set I’ve auditioned does well in exactly one of those two categories and fails in the other. Finally one that does both: Hybrid Strings. The sound is rich and woody, with just a hint of Middle East exotic flair, like the violin solo at the end of Baba O’Riley. The articulations are programmed intuitively; it is easy to play clearly-articulated fast-moving passages as well as smoothly-connected legato lines without reading the concise manual. This is not the violin analog of Ivory Strings with a massive memory footprint, but precisely because it sounds great and is simple it is my first choice for all solo violin work from now on. Separately, their support is amazing. In this day when some companies make you wait several days to receive a stock reply that showed your support question was not fully read , the folks at Neocymatics respond immediately and helpfully. Would love to see them train the support teams at NI!"

Jim Squire   Keyboardist - Professor of Electrical Engineering